Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Justin Pizzoferratto who has a mouthful of wang type last name (to pronounce) was nice enough to lay off the ice(JK, top notch dude!) for a second to put up the whole session we did with him last winter.

It was a tough winter, last winter and I think it came through in the record...
A lot of songs we don't play anymore and a few classic CF jamz! So Sentimentawwwl!

Anyway, 4 Better or worse the shit is in here!

P.S. I love you and you should check out Justin's other work while you peruse his site!
If you know any budding rockstars that want to get the POR GEar pro TUDE... Justin Pizzoferratto is your man!

P.P.S If you like this shit fuckin donate some skrill for it you low life loners looosers!!! we'll not really but throw a dog a bone if you want the whole chicken... Know what I mean?

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